Acquire, expand and nurture your top high-value clients and prospects. Leverage POWER’s enhanced marketing capabilities with an ABM strategy that’s designed specifically to boost your sales pipeline and close deals.

FOCUS ACCOUNTS. Select 5 accounts (up to 5K users) to target with your messaging for a month. Segmenting capabilities include job titles, geographic location and content affinity.

TARGET OUTREACH. A custom, targeted email blast directed to your accounts from POWER’s coveted database. We’ll then send a retargeted email blast with modified creative to users that engaged with the initial email.

MAXIMIZE ENGAGEMENT. A targeted, high-impact pop-up ad will engage your accounts on We will also serve a programmatically retargeted ad to the same target audience off-site across the web.

COLLECT LEADS. We’ll direct engaged users to your custom landing page(s) where they will provide contact information to learn more about your solutions through a white paper, video, or asset of your choice. Ability to create multiple unique landing pages.

ANALYZE CAMPAIGN. A multi-channel performance analysis including complete audience reach, a full list of accounts, titles and locations of engaged users, and contact information for converted leads. Additional behavioral data insight on target accounts available for 3+ month campaigns.

Price: $15,000 net/month (Minimum three month campaign recommended)

Ask us about our capabilities to produce custom content and solutions to maximize engagement at tradeshows and conferences.

Click here to download the PDF.


An advanced marketing program that blends audience segmentation, outbound engagement and programmatic retargeting.

TARGETED OUTREACH. A custom, targeted email blast to 10,000 users from POWER’s coveted database. We’ll then send a retargeted email blast with modified creative to users that engaged with the initial email blast.

MAXIMIZE ENGAGEMENT. A targeted rectangle ad will surround the same 10,000 users with your message for one month. An additional disruptive pop-up banner ad to the same target audience for two weeks.

AMPLIFIED REACH. A programmatically retargeted rectangle ad to the same target audience off-site across the web, up to 100,000 impressions.

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS. A complete, multichannel performance analysis including total audience reach, total actions and a full list of companies, titles, and geography of engaged users.

Price: $10,000/net


Click here to download the PDF.


Reach Your Target Audience with Content that Resonates
with the NEW BrandConnect from POWER

POWER’s NEW BrandConnect allows you to connect directly with the POWER audience by placing your content alongside relevant POWER editorial content, maximizing discoverability in context.

You benefit from aligning with the superior editorial expertise and journalistic integrity of the POWER editorial team. Subscribers rely on the editors of POWER to deliver industry news, technology fundamentals, and expert analysis of industry operations and trends. When we connect your brand to our sophisticated and engaged audience, while associating them with the leading trends and respected editorial experts, we get results.

This is BrandConnect REDEFINED. New program, new pricing.


of readers read sponsored content
(technical or business content provided
by vendor companies) on websites.


of those readers find sponsored content to be useful and/or interesting.

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF and program details.

Cascade is a full-screen, featured web article sponsorship that engages the reader across devices through the use of responsive web design and an enhanced visual experience. This customized multimedia format removes outside web distractions and allows readers to immerse themselves in the content.

Utilizing the latest technology in digital design, Cascade brings articles to life by integrating multiple content assets into one unique format. User engagement is extraordinarily high with this product with the time spent on Cascade articles averaging over 7 minutes per article.

View previous cascade articles at


»» Video ad

»» Sponsored Message

»» Full-page ad

»» Pop-up ad

»» Brand alignment through sponsorship


»» Targeted email blast (up to 15,000)

»» Promotion on POWER’s social media channels

»» Homepage feature on

»» Two (2) POWERnews E-newsletter Text Ads

»» 50,000 impressions in 300×250 ad on

Silver ($10,000)
The Silver package offers sponsorship next to POWER’s editorial content in a clean long-form format. Click here to view a sample.

Gold ($20,000)
The Gold package offers sponsorship next to content provided by the sponsor in a clean long-form format put together by the POWER team. Click here to view a sample.

Platinum ($40,000)
The Platinum package offers sponsorship of your content or POWER editorial. Our developers will work with you to put together a dynamic, unique article page with custom design and animation that best suits and compliments your content. Click here to view a sample.

Click here to download the PDF. 


POWER magazine’s print and digital job resources allow you to target passive and active job seekers in our community of power generation professionals. Reach them through all the media they use, in any combination – print, online, and e-newsletters.


POWER magazine’s classified advertising section has long been a reference for those seeking employment or job growth within the power generation industry. With more than 65,000 subscribers worldwide, POWER magazine’s classified advertising section offers a tremendous opportunity to reach people at the plant or in the office. 
Cost per inch: $315 (1x), $295 (3x), $270 (6x), $230 (12x)


POWER magazine’s Careers in POWER job center focuses exclusively on jobs in power generation. Post your open jobs at today. Ask about our posting for interns. Click here to view the job board
Job Postings:  

Product Duration Cost 
Single 30-day Job Posting 30 days $250 
Single 30-day Job Posting + one inch print ad 30 days $500 
Featured Employer Spotlight 30 days $300 
5-Pack of 30-day Job Postings ** 365 days $1000 
10-Pack of 30-day Job Postings ** 365 days $1,750 
25-Pack of 30-day Job Postings ** 365 days $3,500 
50-Pack of 30-day Job Postings ** 365 days $6,500 
Unlimited job postings for one year ** 365 days $9,000 

 ** Usable for: 30-day job postings. 


The Careers in POWER Featured Employer program provides your company with exposure around our most popular media. This premier advertising opportunity ensures that your company’s name, including a link to your site, is seen by thousands of visitors. Includes placement on the home page, Careers in POWER home page and above-the-fold positioning in our weekly Careers in POWER e-newsletter. 

Duration Cost 
1 month $500 
3 months $1,250 
6 months $2,500 
1 year $4,500 


The “Just Posted Jobs” e-newsletter will deliver your job posting directly to more than 40,000 inboxes, each week. Target the most qualified active and passive job seekers in the energy industry with highlighted job listings and ad banners. Click here to view a recent Careers in POWER e-newsletter.


Product Cost 
30 day posting – one inch print ad $500 
30 day posting – 1/4 page print ad $1,865 
30 day posting – 1 month featured employer $600 


Banner advertising is available on the weekly e-newsletter. Contact Diane for pricing and additional information. Click here to visit Careers in POWER.

Click here to download the PDF.


Images replicating traditional print cover wraps and blow in cards can be added over any page. This feature increases exposure and brand awareness for your company as these images must be closed by the reader in order to view the page underneath. PRICE: $2,900

Your ad can be placed to the left of our cover for all viewers to see. Get noticed with this additional cover image feature. PRICE: $4,500

Click here to subscribe to the digital issue.

Click here to download the PDF.



of readers said the digital issue of POWER is important, very important or critical to stay informed about the energy industry

of POWER’s circulation requests the digital issue

HOT PRODUCTS is a tool that guarantees product exposure to the global audience of POWER. Whether it’s a new product launch or to promote existing products before an event, HOT PRODUCTS will give you the edge you need to ensure premium exposure.

Each HOT PRODUCT listing in the print edition and e-letter of POWER includes a product photo and a 100 word product description with a URL to your website. You can reach more than 85,000 decision makers in the power generation industry with a combination of print and e-newsletter marketing.

POWER is the leading industry source for market insight and information. By utilizing HOT PRODUCTS, you are partnering with the trusted brand in global energy information.

CLICK HERE for rates and to download the PDF.

Do you have a great topic that is a must-know for potential and current customers? Are you looking for an effective distribution outlet for that subject that you worked so hard on?

This program takes your topic, produces a podcast, and leverages our reach in the industry to give you a positive return on your investment.

POWER’s Executive Editor Aaron Larson is known for conducting interviews with leading industry experts and getting updates from insiders regarding power-related topics. Aaron will work with you on a podcast that can focus on:

• Product Information
• Training
• New Product Launch
• Company Profiles
• Executive Interviews

Place your message in front of the global power generation market through a variety of methods including:

• Targeted exclusive e-mail blast to 10,000 POWER audience members promoting the podcast

• Promotion in weekly e-newsletter, POWERnews

• Podcast hosted on The POWER Podcast landing page on for a minimum of one year

• Promotion on POWER social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

• SEO benefits of a post on featuring the podcast audio

Listen to previous episodes of The POWER Podcast at:

Almost 70% of the POWER audience surveyed stated audio is a useful online tool.

Over 80% of the POWER audience finds podcasts to be a useful means of communication.

CLICK HERE to download the POWER Podcast Program PDF.

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